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Coolant for water cooled engines. Dilute 1 to 3 parts water for -15deg C
Deodorizer for cars , carpets and other areas with malodours. Excellent Anti-tobacco properties. Use as supplied.
Liquid car shampoo for manual high foam application 50ml per bucket hot water
Detergent with waxes. Designed to leave a protective film on the paintwork. Contains no silicones 50ml per bucket hot water
Silicone cleaner, protector for dashboards All synthetic surfaces. Leaves a non oily satin sheen Use as supplied
All purpose cream detailing product.Clean & polish ml R Car trim, tyres, Metal finishes, stainless steel and hard surfaces. Removal of finger- and hand prints.
Solvent based engine cleaner for rapid removal of oil and grease.Use as supplied, with soft spray. Leave for 5min and rinse.
Concentrated dressing/conditioner for tyres. Use as supplied.
Apply 2 coats to CLEAN /DRY tyres
Spray & wipe wash and wax for cars. NO WATER required. Spray on dry surface spread with soft cloth, buff with clean soft cloth.Works best on hot (sun exposed ) surface. SURFACE NEEDS TO BE DRY
Cleaner and conditioner for leather upholstery